APRIL 27 to MAY 2 2019

Connecting with our inner voice, and true self can be extremely difficult amid all the static of the modern world. That's why we created a 5-night body, mind and soul retreat in exotic Tulum.  Steeped in Mayan mystique, alongside the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea, the natural environment enables a deeper practice, while allowing you to experience relaxation, pampering, and unforgettable activities in nature. 


The retreat at Maya Tulum, which was featured in Travel + Leisure's 2018 World’s Best Awards as one of the Top 5 International Destination in the World, provides beautiful appointed beach cabanas, locally saourced, freshly prepared meals and one of a kind spa services.

This retreat will give you both the space and tools necessary to silence the clutter of the mind and to connect with the quiet wisdom that’s always there, through yoga, meditation, fitness classes and nutrition coaching.


*Included in the price of the retreat are 5 nights' accommodations, 3 daily meals, daily yoga, and meditation, a variety of fitness and beach workouts, and an unforgettable tour and Temazcal Ceremony.



Each secluded and one-of-a-kind thatched-roof cabana has its own unique features, but all are Cabanas designed to welcome the bright Mexican light, fresh air and the refreshing sounds of nature. Lovingly tended landscape makes this a most comfortable escape right by the sea.



Great focus is placed on nutrition and meals are designed to accommodate a wide range of dietary preferences. Authentic, freshly prepared dishes, will be served for breakfast, lunch and inner, including seafood and vegetarian options. We will happily accommodate special dietary needs with at least two weeks' advanced notice. *Three Daily Meals are included in the retreat rate.

Yoga, Meditation, Fitness, Nutrition

Yoga, Meditation, Fitness, Nutrition

As we move through our lives, our busy schedules take away time for exercise, healthy eating, and meditation. During this retreat we seek to help you achieve a healthy relationship with your inner being, through daily yoga, a varierty of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes, Yoga-Sculpt, meditation and personalized nutrition coaching.

Temazcal Ceremony

Temazcal Ceremony

This universal ritual benefits the body and the soul, balancing your mind and emotions for inner peace and harmony. A spiritual guide will help you open your heart to ancestral visions, while releasing stress and detoxifying the body through a series of four guided meditations. This transformative experience is included in your retreat day.

Spend Time in Nature

Spend Time in Nature

Many of us try to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle but don't realize just how nature-deprived we really are. During this retreat you will have the amazing opportunity to experience nature at its best. Swimming in 5-million- year-old cenotes, hiking the beachside trails of the Tulum ruins, and watching exotic wildlife in their natural habitats. Relaxing, and spending time in nature meditating, eating healthy, and sleeping deeply is sure to make you feel renewed, and back on track.



3pm - Arrival & Check In   

7pm - Dinner served buffet style

8:30 pm Group orientation


8am - Breakfast

9-11:30am – Morning Session

11:30-1pm – Free Time

1-3pm – Lunch

5-7:30 pm  – Afternoon Session

7:30-9 pm – Dinner

9:15 pm – Closing ceremony and bonfire 


7-9am – Morning Sessions: Yoga + meditation

9-10 am - Breakfast

11:45-12:30 pm Circuit training (Legs + Bum)

1-2:30pm – Lunch

2:30-4:30pm – Nutrition Coaching

4:30-6pm – Afternoon Sessions: Yoga + Meditation

7-8:30 pm – Dinner

8:30-9:30 pm - Workshop


8-10am - Breakfast

12pm - Check out


7-9am – Morning Sessions: Yoga + meditation

9-10 am - Breakfast

11:45-12:30 pm Circuit training (Arms + abs)

1:30 pm – Optional Yal-ku Excursion (1:30-5:30 pm includes lunch)

6-7:30 pm – Evening Session: Yoga + meditation

8-9 pm – Dinner


8am – Breakfast

9:30-11:30 am – Morning Sessions: Yoga + meditation

12:00pm – lunch

1-2pm – Free Time or 1:1 Nutrition coaching

2:30-3:30 pm – Circuit training: Full body

4-6 Optional Temazcal 

5-7 pm  – Evening Session

7:30-9 pm – Dinner