I found my passion for yoga over a decade ago after a motorcycle accident that left me physically injured and mentally frigile. Yoga helped me heal both my injured body and fractured mind, and quickly became a central part of how I lead my life. Meditation found me at a time when I needed to find inner strength to help me get through this wonderful journey called life. Since then, yoga and meditation have become a part of my daily practice, knowing that the power within allows me to move through life with grace, compassion, gratitude and joy.


I became a Certified Yoga Teacher through the Baptiste Yoga Foundation—with an athletic background in running, gymnastics, ballet, and dance, the Baptiste Style, was the perfect complement to my fitness training. I received a Nutrition Coach Certification from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition and a Personal Training certification through The NASM.


I believe in the beauty of human beings and the wisdom that lies within us. I experience a
profound connection with my inner power and resources while practicing yoga and meditation.

I love to reach different kinds of yoga, always with the same intention: to create space in the
mind, and a deep connection and awareness of the body and heart. With a dance background, I
love Vinyasa yoga, which coordinates movement with breath to flow from one pose to another.
I like to put emphases on being mindful (meditation) and breathing (Pranayama).

I am a Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher and a Meditation Teacher through the Center of
Mindfulness at the UMASS Medical School.


It is only when we are quiet and surrendered that we can receive guidance from our inner voice, the voice of intuition and knowing.  Building heat in a rigorous flow, linking breath with movement,  allows one to unite the mind and body, tapping into the present moment where true peace resides. 


I believe our bodies are a temple and time on the mat allows us to set intentions, notice what comes up and let go of what no longer serves us.  This gives us the power to open up to our full potential and live our soul’s purpose.  Each time we step onto our mat we challenge ourselves, meet our edge and accept the freedom, abundance and potential that is available when we are in the flow. 


I received my 200 hour Yoga Allicance certification in 2005 from OM Yoga in NYC.