Samadhi Rising's approach to reach optimal health of mind, body and spirit incorporates four essential pillars: Meditation, Yoga, Fitness and Nutrition.


The program is designed to meet you where you are in your journey and allow you to feel yourself, to accept who you truly are and to work with your body and mind as it is. It requires no experience in yoga or meditation, nor it requires you to be a fitness buff. The program aims to inspire you to bring yoga, meditation and wellness into your daily life for the first time, or to deepen your well stablished practice and connection to your higher self.


We start each day with the power of breath: Meditation. By making you, in a very real sense, more conscious of the world around you, meditation heightens your awareness, deepens thought levels, boosts sensory perception, and increases stimuli processing capability, in addition to a limitless number of other emotional, psychological, and physical benefits.


We incorporate movement through yoga: In Yoga, the purpose of mental training is to come to a state of relaxation and concentration where you are able to filter out the unnecessary influences from the external world and from within, and to achieve a point of focus and balance. Once you manage the interactive mind, then you move into the realm of consciousness and there the spiritual component of yoga begins


More important than any physical results, Fitness can be used as a tool for spiritual practice, making it an important part of our lives and a way to a higher vibration. When you are grounded in your physical practice, you release inner pressures, both mental and emotional, finding greater presence within yourself. 


Lastly, but perhaps the foundation of it all, is nutrition. In almost every culture, food has long played a dual physical and spiritual role, with special spiritual foods known for creating a healthy body and open psyche. With that, many rules have been handed down. The question is, how do we know what to eat or drink to allow us to connect and always remain attuned to what we need in body, mind and soul? Samadhi addresses the domain of spiritual nutrition


By holistically addressing all aspects of your higher being; mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, Samadhi’s approach to wellness yields true and lasting benefits.


When any of these are out of alignment, the physical body manifests this state of unbalance through sickness, disease, and dysfunctional self-destructive behaviors. Samadhi's program will help rejuvenate your body and restore your energy flow, while giving you the tools to address the deeper wounds you may have been neglecting and reconnecting with your true-self after too long of feeling disconnected.  


During this retreat you will:


  • Strengthen your sense of inner awareness

  • Rediscover yourself as the spiritual and emotional balanced being that you are.

  • Detox from negative thought patterns and destructive behaviors

  • Experience the joy, richness and opportunities of the present

  • Shed the emotional baggage that manifest as unwanted weight

  • Explore in great detail your current dietary habits, lifestyle and goals

  • Relax in the warmth and community of like minded souls and develop new friendships


The balance between mind, body and spirit comes from conscious choices that leads to better health and greater life satisfaction. Join Samadhi and experience for yourself the ease of moving through life in a state of peace, beauty and abundance.