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Spring--The season to find that place of beginning within

The early weeks of spring often bring a certain sense of restlessness, especially if you live in an area where winters are long, cold, and grey.

But as ready as you might be to put away the heavy coats and boots, for many of us, there’s always an element of discomfort in the world of transitions. Because let’s not kid ourselves, change is f-ing hard!

Even when the change is a positive one, like knowing summer will soon come, there’s an itchiness of the psyche that occurs when the old self falls away and the new one hasn’t fully emerged. You‘re ready to stop shoveling snow, but you haven’t quite gotten around to hitting the gym and shedding off the couple extra kilos you put on as winter protection.

Once summer arrives, we celebrate with joyous abandon and outdoor drinking (or is that just me?), but spring is still tentative, and there may be days when winter feelings linger, and we’re pulled back into the silent, underground world that can plague our minds with negative thoughts and self-doubt.  

But when we reflect on it, and understand that these are natural cycles of death and renewal, we can make space for them in our inner lives and help make sense of the process of change, and we can leverage them as a “spring” board to launch us into a place of new beginnings.

If you are ready to welcome spring with a new mindset—where abundance, love, and healthy habits of body, mind, and soul are the most prevalent thoughts—come and join us in Tulum for an amazing retreat that will restore your health, wash away the residues of your winter blues, and help you connect with the perennial signs and the natural cleansing cycle of spring.

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