Gratitude changes everything. It can take you from anger and resentment, both which are fear based, to a state of peace and love. 


Gratitude creates more gratitude—the more gratitude you have, the higher you raise your awareness, and the more conscious you become, the more grateful you are for everything and everyone in your life. 


Creating a cycle of gratitude for you and those around you can transform the way you feel and shift your perspective in an impactful and positive way. 


The Samadhi team wants to share in this appreciation by extending you a 10% and 15% off gratitude discount to join one of our upcoming retreats in Nicaragua or Santorini


We are truly grateful for you, for making our work possible, and allow us to be part of your journey


MARCH 21 - 28 2020

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Nicaragua’s beaches. Raise your vibration and feel your whole being come alive and elevated with carefully curated yoga and fitness classes, nourishing delicious food, soul reviving-meditation, and exotic-eco adventures.


APRIL 25 - MAY 2 2020

Experience the magic and mystic of the caldera-edge town of Oia, in Santorini Greece. Take your practice of yoga, meditation and fitness in one of the world’s most beautiful islands, with spilling down cliff sides, offering gasp-inducing views from land or sea.