Personal Development – Creating a Foundation for Growth & Abundance

What is within you is greater than anything in your surroundings.  When we are in harmony with our soul’s purpose and we (re)connect to our truth, we tap into Abundance!

Creating a Vision is the foundational step in stepping fully into your true purpose.  What would you love to manifest in your life?

We have created a sacred space for this important work during our retreat as a group, where Cathy Tallone, aTransformational Life Coach & Motivational Speaker, will walk us through the process of how to gain deeper awareness, release old stories and paradigms that no longer serve you while turning a beautiful possibility into your new reality.

Cathy Tallone brings her years of experience, love of storytelling, real life examples, a little brain science in this fun and interactive vision workshop.

Private one-on-one sessions are also available and

are aimed at creating focus and clarity. Do you have an immediate sticking point? Something you are wanting to create a deeper understanding and awareness on? 

Working one-on-one with Cathy will provide personal support, encouragement, tangible tools and accountability that you need to create your positive change.

During your private 60 minute session you will:

Connect more deeply with your passion and your true purpose.

Gain clarity and focus on what it is that stands in the way of your Dream.

Overcome your mental blocks and self-sabotaging behavior.

Become even more confident in the power that lives inside you.

Create a new, more powerful story for your life.

60 minute 1:1 Personal Coaching -Special Retreat Pricing- $59.

You can add a private coaching session at the time of booking or during the retreat 


Certified Transformational Life Coach, DreamBuilder® Consultant,  Inspirational Teacher & Motivational Speaker

Cathy Tallone specializes in presenting women a new path to their personal freedom. Cathy shows up with a unique style, guiding women on a journey of personal empowerment while providing the tangible tools to create a blueprint for an abundance future.

For over 15 years Cathy has studied and implemented transformational success principles. Now, as a sought after speaker and coach, Cathy’s mission is to share her life’s imperfect Journey and inspire others to release outdated ideas of who they think they need to be.

Cathy has walked her talk. She has reinvented herself several times over many years; from enjoying life as a beach + ski bum, travelling all over the US and Europe, working as a fine wine educator + sales professional throughout the East Coast.  When Cathy’s first son was born her Journey drastically changed course and she was thrust into the world of Holistic health and wellness.  She became a doula, Reiki Master practitioner, certified massage therapist, advocate + educator of toxicfree products. Now as a successful life coach and teacher, Cathy’s passion is sharing her many failures, rock bottoms, pivots, humbling moments turned life lessons, stories of struggle to victory, some nerdy brain science and action steps on how you too can live a life you’ve always dreamed of.


Founder of The Abundant Circle, Women’s Mastermind Community

Owner/Founder of Mind Body Universe Coaching

Certified DreamBuilder® Consultant

Podcaster, Writer, Speaker, Podcaster, Story Teller, Community Leader, Mentor, Serial Volunteer

Cathy lives on the Seacoast of New Hampshire with her husband, 2 boys, and dog Buddy

Loves skiing, hiking, yoga, watching movies, travelling, and inspiring women to be more